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Monday, January 23, 2012

Through Grandpa's Eyes, and other short stories

Four Short Stories, by Timothy Paterson, free

Presley Jennings is a sixteen year old boy, who adores his grandfather. When the elderly man collapses, Presley, is the only person who can save his life. Through some higher power, Presley finds himself traveling through his grandfather's life, and he learns what a truly remarkable and unselfish man his grandfather was and still is. This heartwarming story is suitable for all age groups. 

Wouldn't it be cool to travel back in time, and interact with your ancestors? Well. Annie Richards did just that. She was able to meet her grandparents when they were twelve years old, and by doing so, she was able to help solve a sixty-five year old mystery. 

Scott Wilson had a great life. He was an only child, who was spoiled rotten. He was given everything he asked for. Then, his world came tumbling down. His parents lost their jobs, then they lost their house. Throughout the entire ordeal, Scott blamed his parents for everything. Scott decided to run away. Then, something happened that would change his attitude about everything. He must risk everything, including his own life to save a girl who is almost dead. Can he put her needs before his own? In those crucial seconds, his true character, would be revealed.  This story is a must read for older children, teens, as well as adults. 

Karen Clark was an irresponsible teenager, who didn't believe in following rules. When she became responsible for four young children, she realized why her parents were so strict with her. When tragedy strikes, she must set aside all of her fears, and keep the children from panicking. She must grow up and act like an adult, if they are to survive. 

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