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Monday, June 29, 2015

Lots of Free eBooks during July

FREE EBOOKS (starting July 1st)

The month of July is pretty much the best month of 2015 to find Free eBooks for Young Adults (and any other eBooks, including books under the Coming of Age genre). That's because Smashwords is holding their annual Summer / Winter sale (the winter part is for those 'down under').  

Many authors have joined this sale, so there is a great selection and it's a great opportunity to fill up your reading device.  Smashwords' eBooks are available in all formats, for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Android app for Tab or smartphone; and thousands of books are on sale at Smashwords.  But, this is a limited time offer, and it ends on July 31st, (starts at 00:01 PDT (07:00 GMT)  on July 1st) so don't delay.


And one more thing... on Smashwords, there's no worry about region, or country, or location when you get these books for free.  Unlike Amazon, or Apple, or most of the others, you 'purchase' these free Smashwords books anywhere. 

On this site, regular weekly listings of free eBooks for Young Adults will resume in August, after this sale.  For now, enjoy your summer (or winter), and happy reading!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Me, Johnny, and The Babe

Me, Johnny, and The BabeBy , Free 

This is the story of two 12-year-old boys who were best friends growing up on the mean streets of the Kensington section of Philadelphia. It chronicles their friendship and the conflicts that they faced. It also tells the remarkable, untold true story of how Babe Ruth came to their local parish to play in one incredible baseball game. On a September day in 1923, Babe Ruth was whisked away from the Yankees game to play charity baseball to raise money to pay off the debt for their field. That day would forever change the lives of these two friends.
Coming of age in the era of prohibition two young boys find themselves facing the many challenges and dangers of the inner-city. Their love of baseball is their guiding light and source of hope. The improbable events that unfolded during Babe Ruth’s appearance at Boger Field have been lost in baseball history. From the moment Babe put on the Ascension of Our Lord Parish uniform and took the field against the Lit Brother’s team baseball folklore was made.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Free eBooks for Young Adults

This site lists FREE eBooks for Young Adults, featuring Smashwords books, and is hosted by Smashwords authors, but all books for (and about)(and by) Young Adults are welcome. The listings are updated weekly, (usually) on Mondays. Listings include genre and length.

Pride X Familiar - ReVamp

Pride X Familiar - ReVamp, By , Free

Caelum Desanto, Caprice Steiner, Simone Alucard, and the Student Council of Galatea Academy are back in this the previously unreleased original version of the story of one high-school boy attending a school dominated by Aventis students, while steadily coming to terms with his abilities as a Familiar, and the power contained in the Fragment gifted to him by his Aventis Guardian, Arisa Imreh Lanfear.

In the wake of the Cataclysm which ended the lives of billions and brought about the demise of the First Galactic Age, human civilization fell into two camps. The Aventis, humans that are host to the Symbiote which makes them physically superior to the Regulars, who are humans incompatible or rejected by the Symbiote. Ruled by the eight Aventis clans known as Prides, humanity has settled into an age of quiet, gentle prosperity that veils an undercurrent of tension and discontent between the two races.

Living aboard the immense asteroid colony of Pharos, Regular high-school student, Caelum Desanto thought he was happy being incompatible with the Symbiote. Rejected by the organism for three years running, he is shocked to learn that Haruka Amiella, his gorgeous childhood friend, classmate, and unrequited crush of many years, is so compatible she’s joining the vaunted Avenir Pride. Instead of confessing his feelings to her, he falls victim to his resentment and turns a lunchtime, school rooftop encounter with Haruka into a catastrophe.

If he thought life couldn’t get any worse or any stranger, he was dead wrong. Suddenly stabbed in the chest by a knife-wielding girl dressed in the tatters of a school uniform, Caelum is promptly resurrected as a Familiar, neither Regular nor Aventis, when she injects him with the blood of Arisa Imreh Lanfear, a not-so-highly ranked member of the Lanfear Pride who over-estimates her nonetheless formidable position within the Pride.

Gifted by Arisa with one of the enigmatic relics known as Fragments, devices of unknown origin and great power that only Familiars can wield, Caelum serves out the remaining high-school year at his old school, before Arisa enrolls him into Galatea Academy, a prestigious establishment catering almost exclusively to Aventis students. With the knife-wielding girl for a classmate, and his reunion with Haruka ending up less than stellar, Caelum’s antics draw the ire of the female student body who quickly label him Public Enemy Number One.

To make matters worse, he is pulled into the machinations of the Student Council who are aware he possesses a Fragment, and have chosen to enter into a shadow conflict fought out in microcosm between those that serve the Prides, and those seeking to topple them from power. While suffering at the hands of irate female students, Caelum falls into the clutches of the wanton Student Council Vice-President, who has chosen to make him her latest conquest while thinly veiling her ulterior motives.
But when the discord between the ruling Aventis and those that oppose them rears its ugly head, putting the lives of his friends in danger, Caelum is forced to shelve his resentment for the Aventis and draw upon the power of his Fragment to protect the Academy and its students from the people responsible for the deaths of hundreds, including his parents, and the disappearance of his older sister.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Omega Beginnings Miniseries (#1 - Alessandra, #2 - Mismatch, #3 - Phoibe, #4 - Lantos)

Series: Omega Beginnings Miniseries

By , free (all four books)

#1 - Alessandra
Five-year-old Alessandra is obsessed with Disney movies, tea parties and just wants a real birthday party for once in her life. But normal kids don’t bring their toys to life for afternoon tea or see the colorful threads of magic and energy clinging to everything around them. 

Normal kids don’t know that gargoyles feel pain, either, or invite one to live in their closet. 

On her sixth birthday, Alessandra begins to learn the truth. She’s special, and the men in the black van are coming for her.

#2 - Mismatch
Mismatch hasn’t always been a statue standing guard over the Temple of Artemis. Once upon a time, thousands of years ago, he was a man who led a privileged life. Like the Greek monarchs before him, he fell victim to the family curse: he was turned to stone and forced to keep watch over the temple of a Greek god or goddess. 

Out of the blue, five-year-old Alessandra breaks the spell. Mismatch seeks out the shy, young crown princess next in line to the family curse and warns her about her fate in the hopes of saving her from the living death. 

He returns when Alessandra is in danger, but the powers behind those seeking her are prepared for anything.

Even the grotesque prince.

#3 - Phoibe
With a speech impediment and learning disability, the frail six-year-old Crown Princess of Greece is constantly being told she’ll never live up to the woman her mother was. She’s the only descendent of the sacred Bloodline, the royal family touched by the Greek Gods ten thousand years before, and protected by international law. 

But Phoibe doesn’t care about any of that. She wants to be loved by someone, and that someone is a mysterious shadow named Lantos who talks to her when no one else will.

Before leaving, the gargoyle Mismatch made her promise never to speak aloud again, or she’ll seal her fate, and the family curse will claim her. She obeys him – and faces the wrath of cruel caretakers sworn to ensure the curse comes to pass. 

When Mismatch doesn’t return to save her, young Phoibe must make her first grown-up decision: accept the curse or trust the shadowy creature who tries to help her.

#4 - Lantos
Lantos is a demigod, the orphaned son of the Titan of the Unseen and a human mother raised on the streets of Washington DC. His sole mission in life: to be worthy of his father’s attention and hopefully one day, shed his human weakness and win his father’s love. 

In his haste to help Princess Phoibe, Lantos stumbles upon a discovery that changes his life and destiny forever. Not only does he find someone capable of shoring up his very human weaknesses but he also uncovers a secret he believes will win over his father. 

However, to use both to his advantage, he risks disobeying his father. Lantos is forced to decide how far he’s willing to go to get what he wants in life.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Children of Clun By Robert Nicholls

Children of ClunBy , free

1421. In England's remote Welsh Borderlands, a future queen of Scotland would learn the true meaning of sacrifice and the feared name of Owain Glyndwr, the Welsh warrior-prince, would be whispered abroad one last time; all for the saving of the children of Clun. A story of destiny, courage, family ties, and ambition that is relevant for today, but set during a dynamic time in history.