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Monday, April 29, 2013

Teen Fury: Unleashed, Book one of the Teen Fury trilogy

Adopted at birth, fifteen year old Felicia Murphy has no idea she’s the offspring of a Fury and a god of Mercy. The discovery will soon shatter her world...

Felicia’s reputation as stable and trustworthy means everything if she’s to win the grant for the troubled kids she mentors.

Snakes emerging from her head, massive mood swings, and a strong thirst for vengeance do not fit into her plans. She has no time to worry about her adoptive parent’s separation and the unwanted discovery that her biological parents are supernatural freaks. She can’t confide in her friends; who would believe her?

As her life spins out of control, she allows herself to be distracted by the two new guys who are suddenly showering her with attention, pulling her in different directions. Felicia has choices to make. Embrace the Fury and risk everything, or find a way to tame the beast. 

This is the first book in the Teen Fury trilogy. The second book, Teen Fury: Embraced, is now available.

Monday, April 22, 2013

End the LightCatcher

The City of Lions in the year 3013 is a beautiful but treacherous city for children deemed silly, lazy or useless by society. 

Having been deemed useless by society for not achieving “Destiny” (which basically means not finding a job) by the age of 13, End Cloud is stripped of citizenship and subjected to the “Sphere of Influence”, a cruel device which will erase his memories, delete his ability to make decisions and force him into mechanical labor. But just as his mind was about to be completely erased, he suddenly receives a special invitation to join a prestigious military school for children gifted in LightCatching, which was a mysterious ability to channel power into military weapons by means of emotions. Possessing no such ability, though also possessing an abundance of volatile emotions, End fights to stay in the school whatever way he can, so that he may one day earn his right to return to society and see his parents once more. But as he journeys deeper, he begins to unravel the true mystery behind the school, and the real purpose and destiny of End Cloud. 

Welcome to the World of “End the LightCatcher”.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Fledge (Fiona Frost Duology)

Fledge (Fiona Frost Duology), by Penny Greenhorn, free

Earth’s colony, Providence, is a desert planet hard to thrive on. The women who live there are never, not ever, asked to join the military. In fact, they are forbidden from its ranks. So when seventeen year old Fiona is plucked from her farm and dropped into the middle of a training camp, expected to assume the life of a soldier with no explanation as to why, she struggles with the task. 

Providence is a planet where everyone’s role is defined and spelled out. Fiona Frost is taken from her farm and forced to join the military. As the only girl among a camp full of fledgling male soldiers, Fiona must quickly learn how best to survive this brutal new lifestyle. She has little help from her mates, the twelve soldiers on her format who are resentful, as her presence will hurt their chances of winning the war games. She unexpectedly grows close to her format’s leader, First Winslow, as she struggles to learn Shetheerie, their ally’s language, and endure physical combat training in preparation of facing the hostile Grindts of Braacktda. Through it all, she can’t help but wonder: Why am I here? 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Heaven High

Beau and Edgar have been best friends from birth, but couldn't have had a more different start in life.

Having finished school for good they make plans for the summer of a lifetime but a tragic accident cuts their dreams short and lands them in Heaven facing a stark choice.  Do they want to stay in Heaven and train as spirit guides or reincarnate into a new life?

For Edgar the choice is clear: having had a miserable existence once before he is in no hurry to try again, for Beau the magic of Heaven is no match for real life. But his heart overrides his head and Beau agrees to stay with Edgar. They begin their training at Heaven High and await their assignment.

When they are offered a secret undercover assignment to protect Emma Havering the boys snatch the opportunity to live as humans once again. With their colleague Gabe, Emma’s Guardian Angel, they attend East Lake High but soon become suspicious about the nature of their assignment and who Emma really is. Their curiosity leads to repercussions that test the limits of friendship, loyalty and the very existence of East Lake. 

For Beau and Edgar, keeping Emma safe might very well rip them apart.

Heaven meets High School.