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Monday, December 26, 2011

Betraying Nexus

Betraying Nexus, by Richard L. Sanders, free

Jason is a member of Nexus, a secret organization with a singular purpose: eliminate crime and protect the innocent. As a Nexus operative, he is a Mind Bender and can implant thoughts into the minds of others. It is a dangerous and powerful gift that sometimes has lethal consequences, and forces even the best Mind Bender to see the world through a lens of doubt and suspicion—constantly wondering what's real and what isn't. Within Nexus, Jason is a rising star and he’s madly in love with a ranking member—the woman of his dreams. Life could not be more perfect.

But when he’s forced to take down an old friend and, as a reward, is further advanced into Nexus, he learns its darkest secret and must ask himself what he believes in. And if it’s worth turning against the woman he loves. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Whispers in the Wind

Whispers in the Wind, by C.E. Lemieux, Jr., free

For small town girl, Abby Lynn McAllister, life is about following your heart. But what happens when your heart leads you astray? She'll find out because her heart has been set on her best friend, Henry Newburn, since the fifth grade. A preacher's daughter and former tomboy, Abby discovers that life holds lots of secrets and things simply aren't always the way they seem. Luckily she has a confidant to help her navigate the serious twists life has to offer her. J.B. is Henry's solid and rugged younger brother. A cowboy by trade, J.B. stands ready to jump to the rescue whenever Henry seems to come up short. Set in the Oklahoma Panhandle, Whispers in the Wind is Abby's story and she spins it down to the bittersweet end. 

The Christmas Flower

The Christmas Flower, by Kali Seymour, free

Does love really last for an eternity? Even after the one you loved has passed on? Lillian Willard will soon find that out. A nice little short story for the Christmas season.  (The author notes that she will be grateful to readers who spot grammatical errors and send along suggestions for correction.  The author also notes that a newer version will be published soon.)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Full Moon Attack

Halloween night at his uncle’s pizzeria, Drake Dallas wants to beat his cousin Alex in a pizza eating contest. He takes the last piece and is set to win. But before he can take a bite, three masked men burst into the store and pulverize everything with crowbars.

In the aftermath, Drake convinces Alex that they need to investigate, and they start interviewing people who they think might have it in for the owner, Drake’s uncle. However, the two are unable to pin guilt on anyone they check out, and the trouble doesn’t stop for Uncle Lenny. In fact, it gets worse—an insurance mistake means he wasn’t covered for the vandalism, and it looks like he’s permanently out of business. 

The cops are clueless. Unless Drake can figure out what’s really going on, his uncle and family will lose everything and end up penniless, living on the street.  First book in the Dallas Drake collection.

Sons and Brothers in Seattle

Sons and Brothers in Seattle, by Wilson James, free with coupon code WU44G until 2/2/12

Cameron Connors is a young father trying to deal with a mother who likes the idea of children, but otherwise appears not to like her own. Cameron has managed to get his own two young sons away from his mother, but now he needs to rescue Brendan, his younger brother. 

As Cameron has learned over the years, his mother can be quite two-faced, and heaven help anyone who crosses Mrs. Rachael Connors. Cameron and his mother are currently in a state of cease-fire, but that could change dramatically based on what Cameron has planned for the next few weeks in order to challenge his parents for custody of Brendan. 

Will Cameron succeed in creating a new family of four, or will he lose? The stakes are high, and Cameron stands to lose custody of his own two sons if he is not careful. Follow the saga of Cameron as he struggles to do what he knows he must do, and what is right.

This Special Edition of "Sons and Brothers in Seattle" includes bonus Chapters from the sequel, "Sons and Brothers Sail into Danger." The author is Wilson James, whose work has been reviewed at a major online retailer as “Very Inspiring” and “A Great Book.” This Book has been a #1 Best Seller on the adult drama list and the Young Adult fiction list at Smashwords.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Colin and The Rise of the House of Horwood

Colin and The Rise of the House of Horwood, by Michael Eadie, free

Colin suddenly finds hist life turned upside down. His friend and mentor, Grandfather Thunder, is gone, replaced by their merciless aunt Grizzelda. Transplanted to Horwood House, a Victorian mansion that has family history and secrets, his personal abilities begin to reveal themselves. He finds out that he is the great grandson of Zuhayer Horwood, and his grand father is coming for him.