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Monday, March 26, 2012

Lenna and the Last Dragon

Dragons. Robots. A kidnapping. A journey across the North Sea. A twelve-year-old girl with strange powers. And an ancient family of Irish immortals. 

A regular day of carrying pig slop on the Icelandic dragon farm turns terrifying when twelve-year-old Lenna walks in on the old farm caretaker, Brugda, summoning up a prophetic vision of a dark future. Lenna is sent to visit the farm’s owner, deadly quiet Lady Joukka Pelata. She reveals tantalizing glimpses of the girl’s past and the possibilities for her future, hinting at how important she could become. The night gets stranger still as the world transforms into a glittering, crystalline place of wooden robots and shifting skies. But Lenna hardly sees the new, enchanted world around her as she dwells on her damaged relationships. She can’t escape the feeling that there are deeply hidden secrets surrounding Brugda and the quiet farmhands. 

Zac and the Reluctant Prince, Book 1 of the Prince David series

Zac and the Reluctant Price, Book 1 of the Prince David series, by Wilson James, free with coupon (new coupon update 11/11/12....  YW33G valid until 1/1/13).

David has unexpectedly become the royal heir. David has also become an orphan. Those two overwhelming problems confront teenager Zach and his family, who simply want to protect David and help the younger boy deal with his destiny.

For Zach, Janice, Austin and David, life before the tragedy was about growing up and doing all the normal things kids do. They didn’t let an increasing awareness that David was a royal prince get in the way of their growing friendship. 

Before long, though, harsh realities start to shake their lives. First, there was a personal disaster and heartbreak for Zach, who came to realize that his role as big brother to Austin was now more important than ever, and that also meant being there for Austin’s best friend, David.

Then, a national tragedy thrusts David into the public spotlight, far too soon. The entire nation watches and comments on how he responds to the burdens that are put on his young shoulders. It is the love and support from his three friends that gets David through this first ordeal, and helps him start to accept who he must now become. 

Ultimately, Zach truly wants to protect David and give him as ‘normal’ a life as possible, but nothing in Zach’s life could possibly have prepared him for this new role. A treacherous uncle, disloyal cousins, and officious bureaucrats; Zach must best them all.

Zac and the Reluctant Prince, Book 1 of the Prince David Series, introduces David and the Bolithos, an unlikely but effective combination of young men and women who desire to do right, but who also want to be normal teenagers. Is that even remotely possible? Will they find the courage to succeed in spite of being nervous and scared of what lies ahead?

Zachary’s assistance and support to David could be a footnote in history, if that, or together they might somehow manage to shape the way people feel about David and about the monarchy in general. That might well change history.

The first of a planned series, but a complete novel standing on its own, this is a book providing inspiration for building lasting friendships, caring about family, seeking adventure, and overcoming the challenges we all face in life. This is a book for any young person or adult who has ever wondered where they fit into this world or how they could make an impact.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dark Promise

Dark Promise, by Malcom B. Lambert, free

16 year-old psychic Tru Bennett is in a world of trouble and it all starts when her Sweet 16 turns out to be a disaster with a capital D. The two demons who crash her party to kill her? Definitely not on the guest list. As a result, she is hauled off to a boarding school for witches and warlocks, where she learns that her troubles are just beginning. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Zachary Pill, of Monsters and Magic

Zachary Pill, of Monsters and Magic, by Tim Greaton, free

Having spent his life pretty much like every other loser kid in the world, Zachary Pill is shocked when a swarm of bats invade his Boston apartment and take his father away. Forced to move to New Hampshire with crazy Madame Kloochie, Zachary soon learns that cleaning her filthy house is the least of his problems. Knowing that the evil wizard Krage is searching for him, Zachary begins to delve into the dangerous world of magic. First book in the Zachary Pill series. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Free eBooks for Young Adults - Read an eBook Week

This is absolutely the best week of the year to find Free eBooks for Young Adults.  It's a perfect time to put a few extra books into the digital library.  It's time for the annual Read an eBook Week promotions, and there are Free eBooks all over the place.  Sometimes, however, it's just hard to find them.  

This link will direct to one of the best selections for this special Read an eBook Week: Smashwords, all sorted for Young Adults titles.  These special offers expire at 11:45 pm, PST on March 10 (7:45am GMT March 11).  Use this week to fill your library with eBooks, and Happy Reading.  Regular listings of free eBooks for Young Adults will resume on this blog next week.