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Monday, January 31, 2011

Sons and Brothers in Seattle

Sons and Brothers in Seattle, by Wilson James, free until 11/11/11, with coupon BF89M.

Cameron Connors is a young father trying to deal with a mother who has treated her sons terribly. He’s managed to get his own two young sons away from his mother, but now needs to rescue Brendan, his younger brother. He has a very risky plan to challenge his parents for custody of Brendan. The stakes are high, and Cameron might just lose custody of his own two sons as he goes up against his parents. With BONUS from new sequel.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Aiden's Arrival: Honor Before Gold

Aiden's Arrival: Honor Before Gold, by Wilson James, free with coupon KM53M until 4/4/11

Dreams of another life; or reality? Aiden struggles to honor the legacy of his very young physical self, while dealing with memories of a tragedy that seem impossible to reconcile. At the same time, Aiden has been thrust into a public role in the Winter Games with extraordinary expectations for any boy his age. What challenges must Aiden confront? Can Aiden find the courage to meet this new reality?

Playing the 'Son' Card

Troy lost his father at age 9. Ever since then, he’s been steadily losing confidence in himself and his ability to make his way in the world. Troy is increasingly the target of bullies at school and he’s just hanging on. He hates school and socializing has become torture. Now age 12, he has one chance to change his life and start new. Will he meet the challenge or will he remain a victim?

Playing the Baseball Card

A story about personal courage and determination. Devin’s mother died six years ago, and he helps look after his younger brother while their father works as a baseball pitcher trying to make it into the major leagues. Just when it seems that things are looking better, tragedy strikes again. Now, it’s all up to the young teen as he tries to make it work for what’s left of his small family.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Free eBooks for Young Adults

This site features FREE eBooks for Young Adults. The first listings will be available on or before January 31, 2011, and will be updated (as a minimum) each Monday. This site features Smashwords authors, and is hosted by a Smashwords author, but all books for (and about) Young Adults are welcome, as long as they are free. The listings indicate YA genre and length of book.

If you are an author and want to make a submission to be one of the inaugural listings, send an email with your book's url. See detailed instructions for submissions. Please note: Submissions will be accepted starting on January 22, 2011.

Although truly free books are preferred, this site will also accept listings of eBooks that are free with a coupon (must be a minimum of 2 months free).