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Monday, May 7, 2012

Legend of the Elementals, Book 1: Reintroduction

Lost prisons of talent, open for all To the four Elementals, these forces recall: Wind, fire, water, stone Only to the chosen these powers are shown. Swiftness of wind, with wisdom to hear. Mystic talent of fire, to burn away fear. Agility of water, life’s joy to renew. Most resilient stone, to stand strong and true. For now the darkness has risen to fight Spring now forth as the power of light. 

Ryan, Erin, Kris, and Jason are heroes defined by the villain, unwitting assistants in a cataclysm brought about by an old man who calls himself... Devidis. The four modern, international teens awaken deep within a jungle canyon, a prison in the post-apocalyptic empire established by the despotic Devidis. Surrounded by danger, the four Elementals quickly embrace their new-found super-powered control of the elements—wind, fire, water and stone—under the guidance of Sensei, an imprisoned freedom fighter who believes that Devidis’ near omnipotence is a clear sign that the world is a persistent illusion in the mind of its evil emperor. And so the Elementals are forced to come of age in an increasingly hostile land. Though supernaturally capable, they are faced with a frightening possibility: are their hopes, goals, powers, friends, enemies, surroundings and selves... all an illusion? 

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