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Monday, April 16, 2012


Simon Camp was never thrilled about living underground during this ice age but when the old shaman came to town and instructed him to take a journey on the earth's surface to find his daughter, Simon knew his life would change forever. 

The summer’s cold wind blasted in Simon’s face as he stepped out onto the front porch, turning to make sure the door was closed tight behind him. Heavy clouds of putrid yellow rippled across the sky, like the famed northern lights, which no longer appeared to delight and awe those lucky enough to see them. The wind, cold and foreboding, made the summers unpleasant. Simon’s mother told him of summers she enjoyed camping and swimming at the lake. Simon shuddered. At minus 16 degrees, the thought of swimming in the lake seemed downright absurd. Of course before the deep freeze set in, anything was possible. 

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