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Monday, September 15, 2014


Ripple, by E.L. Farris, free

The Young Adult version of the Amazon #1 Bestseller in Family Life Fiction
A Lyrical Book of Healing

When high-powered attorney Helen Thompson discovers that her fifteen-year old daughter has been sexually assaulted, she takes drastic measures.

Finding herself in trouble, Helen must relinquish control and put her faith in a process she knows to be flawed. As a team of lawyers, therapists and women from a safe house help Helen and Phoebe find hope and healing, a sociopath lurks, waiting for his moment to strike.

A lyrical, dark fairytale that will resonate with fans of women's literature and psychological thrillers, RIPPLE delves into the nature of evil, without seeking to provide final answers to the issue of what makes a human commit evil acts. And while the author takes readers to scary places, she ultimately shines a light on the human condition and celebrates the triumph of the human spirit in the face of great tribulation.

˃˃˃ Are you a mental health provider, or a therapist, social worker, or counselor?

"RIPPLE belongs in each practitioner's library and is a must-read for all sexual abuse and domestic violence survivors."

"Farris has given a young woman, a child, a mother, the lost, and yes even me--A VOICE. Farris writes of the horrors Phoebe faces. She writes about an epidemic without pulling any punches."

"This story is for survivors; however, it should absolutely be read by everyone."

"In each instance where I was affected or triggered, IMMEDIATELY following, in the next sentence or paragraph, were the perfect words or scene to bring everything I was feeling to a safe place."

˃˃˃ Are you looking for a book that will help you or someone you love heal from sexual abuse?

"RIPPLE is the perfect companion to The Courage to Heal."

"I've tried to read other books with the molestation story line, but ended up giving up on them because they didn't support the characters or show what molestation truly feels like, or they didn't resolve the crime or help those who were suffering."

"RIPPLE is different. This dark thriller made me feel supported, in part because the characters received the help they needed. This book validated ME and I hope all women who have been brushed off or not believed will read this book. If you know that woman, or girl, Give Her This Book!"

"I took a gamble on RIPPLE. It did hit close to home, but it's MY home now and I choose who comes to visit. I'm so glad it was E.L. Farris. I feel like I won that gamble!"

˃˃˃ Do you enjoy a well-written, page-turner?

"E.L. Farris' writing is like a vortex, quickly pulling you into the story and sucking you into an emotional whirlpool of betrayal, pain, loss, and finally, recovery and healing."

"Rarely do I come across a writer who tells a story so compelling that I read an entire book in one setting. Farris is a master story teller and I look forward to seeing more works by this talented author."

"Farris' lyrical writing style lends itself beautifully for a story that's built on suspense, danger and mystery. E.L. Farris has fast become one of my favorite authors. I look forward to reading more from her."

"From the opening chapter, I was hooked on this story that isn't full of victims--it's full of survivors, heroes and humans. It's a great read."

"I started this casually on Friday night and finished it this morning. I forced myself to put it down last night so that I could get some sleep. It's been a long time since a book has captured me like that."

"Intense and riveting."


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