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Monday, June 17, 2013

Molly and Monet

Molly and Monet, by Diane R. Isaacs, Ph.D., free for a limited time only (June 19 - 23)

Molly and Monet is a unique way to reach individuals who have suffered a loss, told through the eyes of two dogs. Molly and Monet listen, provide compassionate, unconditional love, comfort, and soothing behavior as well as someone to talk to, who just listened, and didn't give unwanted advice. They also provide the hugs and warmth that all people need when they are hurting.

It is proven fact that couples in marital disagreement have less problems when they have a pet. Statistics indicate a lowering of blood pressure, when an animal is present. There may be arguments and disagreements that take place, but the animals can act as a buffer to make happier relationships. People living alone have less health problems when they have a dog or cat to live with.

Molly and Monet has been useful in other areas to talk about other loss such as divorce, loss of a parent, change in financial situation, change of job, hurricanes, acts of God, moving, modifications in lifestyle, as well as the Columbine tragedy, and the war in Kosovo.

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