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Monday, March 26, 2012

Lenna and the Last Dragon

Dragons. Robots. A kidnapping. A journey across the North Sea. A twelve-year-old girl with strange powers. And an ancient family of Irish immortals. 

A regular day of carrying pig slop on the Icelandic dragon farm turns terrifying when twelve-year-old Lenna walks in on the old farm caretaker, Brugda, summoning up a prophetic vision of a dark future. Lenna is sent to visit the farm’s owner, deadly quiet Lady Joukka Pelata. She reveals tantalizing glimpses of the girl’s past and the possibilities for her future, hinting at how important she could become. The night gets stranger still as the world transforms into a glittering, crystalline place of wooden robots and shifting skies. But Lenna hardly sees the new, enchanted world around her as she dwells on her damaged relationships. She can’t escape the feeling that there are deeply hidden secrets surrounding Brugda and the quiet farmhands. 

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