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Monday, February 27, 2012

A Measure of Disorder - Book 1 of the Mother Earth series

A Measure of Disorder, by Alan Tucker, free

Have you ever seen the creature hiding inside your soul?

Jenni Kershaw and her eighth grade science class will, on a world known as Mother.

And some of them won’t really like what they see.

Join Jenni and her classmates as they are whisked away to a world full of life, adventure, and danger. A world which reshapes each of them according to its vision of their inner being. Some accept it, some fight it, all wonder: does that vision control their destiny?

What if that destiny is to help destroy a world? Or save it?

The fight is on, and the class find themselves pitted against a powerful evil — and each other — all while trying to discover who, and what, they really are. 

Note: This is the first book of the Mother Earth series.  The second and third books are available.

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