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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Free eBooks for Young Adults

This site has been listing FREE eBooks for Young Adults, featuring Smashwords books and hosted by Smashwords authors. With the conclusion of the "Smashwords' Winter/Summer July SALE", there are other ways to find free eBooks for Young Adults, such as the books that are are normally priced free, at Smashwords

Regretfully, the weekly listing of new free eBooks for young adults has been in abeyance for some time, due to severe time constraints. In fact, this is rather sad, because there's a lot of really good eBooks for Young Adults out there, and many of them are priced free. Looking ahead, perhaps later this year, time may again permit weekly listings. In the meantime, thank you for visiting this site, and Happy Reading.    


  1. Tutorial Help and Key Points - FREE ACCA STUDY MATERIALS
    The scenario describes the governance and operational issues surrounding a large
    multinational listed company. The primary nature of the industry provides the scope to
    investigate environmental and key ethical areas as well as the typical aspects of risk
    and internal control. FREE ACCA STUDY MATERIALS The case blends a high level overview of corporate activity with
    the detail of managing an individual project. This dual focus is in itself typical of
    examination questions requiring you to ensure you can absorb and respond to both
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    separate these two areas allowing different parts of the case to become the focus for
    different requirements in the question. FREE ACCA STUDY MATERIALS In fact it reads in sequence with parts (a) and
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    so a number of points relating to a specific requirement are scattered throughout the
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    Part (a) of the question examines the global scope of governance in the sense that it
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    recognise the similarities rather than the differences suggesting that good governance
    has common characteristics regardless of the differing nature of institutions.
    Part (b) draws on the agency relationship from a shareholders perspective.
    Understanding the role of Institutional shareholders is important. Although any
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