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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Baby Grand Legacy

Unlikely hero Kevin Johnson has to spend the summer in rural Wisconsin with estranged grandparents. Expecting isolation and boredom, he instead finds grandparents that should have been in his life years ago, a role in cleaning-up the tarnished family racing legacy, and a bedazzling pianist named Desiree. 

Kevin had been kept from his grandparents because of his snooty father’s shame over the family scandal. Kevin’s great-grandfather Paul drove Indy cars for a notorious gangster during the Golden Age of Sports, ending up behind bars as a result of it. Although Kevin knows nothing about mechanics, his retired mechanical engineer grandfather says he is going to help him restore an antique race car like the one Paul drove in the 1927 Indianapolis 500. And while the car they are restoring will resemble the original, it turns out that Kevin is the spitting image of Paul. They aren’t just refurbishing an old racer, they’re out to clear Paul’s name. 

Other Books in the Series: Baby Grand Conspiracy, Baby Grand Opportunity 

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