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Monday, May 20, 2013


Eight, by SD Neeve, free

A freak power surge alters fourteen-year-old Jordan Scarlen’s life forever, forcing him to search for answers to his parents’ death and missing brother. Where a journey of discover soon reveals finding the truth isn’t his only problem.

Are you waiting for a bolt of light, the next great thing to make your life better?

Well. Jordan Scarlen isn't. In fact. He likes his life.
Captain of the football team...
high-ranker in the gaming world...
and friends he can rely on.
Only...  a freak power surge was about to change his life forever.

Follow Jordan and a small group of friends as they undertake a journey in search of their missing families. A journey where old friendships are tested and new ones are formed. A journey fraught with grisly discoveries and the terrifying realisation they are not alone.
But...  who is the stranger following them? What is the meaning of the yellow sky? Are they connected?

Will finding the truth be enough for Jordan and his friends. Or. Is the truth not all it seems?

Eight. The Game Has Begun.

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