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Monday, April 8, 2013

Fledge (Fiona Frost Duology)

Fledge (Fiona Frost Duology), by Penny Greenhorn, free

Earth’s colony, Providence, is a desert planet hard to thrive on. The women who live there are never, not ever, asked to join the military. In fact, they are forbidden from its ranks. So when seventeen year old Fiona is plucked from her farm and dropped into the middle of a training camp, expected to assume the life of a soldier with no explanation as to why, she struggles with the task. 

Providence is a planet where everyone’s role is defined and spelled out. Fiona Frost is taken from her farm and forced to join the military. As the only girl among a camp full of fledgling male soldiers, Fiona must quickly learn how best to survive this brutal new lifestyle. She has little help from her mates, the twelve soldiers on her format who are resentful, as her presence will hurt their chances of winning the war games. She unexpectedly grows close to her format’s leader, First Winslow, as she struggles to learn Shetheerie, their ally’s language, and endure physical combat training in preparation of facing the hostile Grindts of Braacktda. Through it all, she can’t help but wonder: Why am I here? 

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