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Monday, March 25, 2013

Sacred Bloodlines

Sacred Bloodlines, by Wendy Owens, free

After a troubled childhood, and bouncing from home to home, Gabe discovers he is meant for bigger things. Finding out he is half Guardian angel and half human isn't the biggest secret he uncovers. When he discovers he is an important part of a prophecy he must decide if he is willing to risk his life for the a chance at a life that might hold happiness in it for him. 

Tragedy has defined Gabe’s short life in this world. An ominous darkness lurked on the edge of his existence until one day, in a subway, strange things start happening. A series of events lead Gabe into a new and fascinating life, filled with angels and demons, but he isn’t sure if he wants to be a part of it.

After being thrust into the middle of a world filled with strange creatures and magic all around him, he finds a chance at the friends and family he has been wanting on most of his life. The problem? His dreams come with constant and terrifying dangers that Gabe fears he may not be able to survive. 

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