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Monday, November 19, 2012

Baby Grand: The Beginning

In this first novel of the series, teenage hero Kevin Johnson is dumped off in a remote region of southern Wisconsin with grandparents he barely knows. But they are fantastic, and the family racing legacy troubling his father captivates him. Their busywork project is restoring an antique race car like the one Kevin's look-alike great-grandfather drove in the 1927 Indianapolis 500 for Al Capone: the car that landed him in prison over a fiasco at the Illinois State Fair. As it turns out, redeeming the old racer is the key to mending their broken family. Shrewdness on Kevin's part is needed to pull-off the tryst with his girlfriend. Everything is on track until he is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time with an exotic pianist named Desiree Chantelle. 

Other books in the series: Baby Grand II: The Conspiracy, Baby Grand III: The Big Time.

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